Siegfried RabanserWorkshop

Artistic expression needs space. With his two workshops, Rabanser has not only established ample space to create his artwork. He has also set up a meeting place at his workshop in Salzburg where visitors are welcome to come by, to exchange ideas or just to look around.

Workshop 01 – Salzburg City

Atelier Salzburg Stadt

Itzlinger Hauptstraße 46

5020 Salzburg

Rabanser works in an old adapted factory hall. This workshop combines his work area, a space for presentation and a meeting place. Open workshops, exhibitions and the exchange with other artists are part of Rabanser’s understanding of art. Of course it is possible to visit the workshop outside one of these events; you are welcome to arrange an appointment with Siegfried Rabanser at any time.

Workshop 02 – St. Georgen

Raith 1

St. Georgen at Attergau

Rabanser’s spacious workshop is located in Attergau in Upper Austria, his place of birth, surrounded by nature. Most of his large metal works are born here.

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