Siegfried RabanserUnique Diversity

Rabanser, who is a trained ornamental blacksmith, draws from the whole range of technical possibilities. His love of handicraft and of experimenting with shape and colour is visible in his work. A variety of materials such as metal, leather or glass are united during the working process, creating uniquely diverse art. It is this diversity in techniques and forms of artistic expression that is the golden thread running through Rabanser’s artwork.



Rabanser’s metal work is defined by labour-intensive mixed-media reliefs, combining aluminium, acrylic paint and other materials. The content focus lies on human movement, meditative abstract and non-objective works complement this area.

Gallery Metal


Shards of glass seem randomly distributed but are actually arranged, similar to a mosaic, into magical luminous images. Emotional pieces with explosive colours alternate with internalized, meditative pieces of work.

Gallery Glass


Rabanser’s large-format non-objective acrylic work allows room for personal interpretation. Often used in combination with other materials, structures and colours unfold, presenting us with a unique overall experience.

Gallery Acrylics

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