Siegfried Rabanser

BiographyPortrait Rabanser 1

  • 1967: born in Attergau in Upper Austria.
  • during high school: early engagement in visual arts; water colour, oil, charcoal
  • apprenticeship at the wrought-iron smithy Wachter in Frankenmarkt, Austria, 1990: completion of education, master craftsman certificate
  • since 1990: Salzburg becomes his main place of residence.
  • during the nineties: focus on acrylics and glass as media for his art
  • since 2000: works mainly with metal, creatively combining it with a variety of other materials such as glass, rocks, sand or acrylics
  • 2002: completion of his large workshop in St. Georgen in Attergau
  • 2007: opening of his workshop and presentation space in the city of Salzburg (Itzling)
  • Numerous exhibitions in Austria and abroad artwork sold to private and public owners



Siegfried Rabanser’s artistic concept is often based on the observation and reflection of society. The human figure and its movement, the abstraction of shapes found in nature as well as non-objective themes can be found in his artwork.

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